How can I avoid post-wedding weight gain?

Get Your Spouse Involved with Diet and Exercise

To begin your culinary connection, pour a couple glasses of wine and peruse those cookbooks you surely received for wedding gifts. Bookmark a handful of recipes you'd like to try together, then divide the work -- from going to the market to mincing vegetables. Adapt full-calorie meals into waistline-friendly versions by making substitutions: yogurt for sour cream, applesauce for oil, egg whites for whole eggs.

Next, turn dessert into a fresh affair. Rather than a heavy, calorie-laden end to your meal, opt for seasonal, ripe fruit. Even if you indulge with a dollop of real whipped cream as a delectable garnish, you'll still bypass the hundreds of calories you'd pick up from more traditional desserts.

Get healthful outside the confines of your kitchen, too. Instead of spending date night vegging in a movie theater, book a racquetball court, go for a bike ride, take a salsa dance class or hold hands on a walk through the park. Not only will you both keep your weight in check, but you'll reap other rewards. Studies indicate that by exercising together, you'll forge deeper bonds, feel less stress and have better, more frequent sex. Not too bad for a date night, right?

Wrapping your new life as newlyweds around one simple formula -- moving more and eating better -- can help you and your sweetie extend your honeymoon phase well past unpacked suitcases.

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