How can I avoid post-wedding weight gain?

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Adding a dog to the family is a great way to get exercise.
Adding a dog to the family is a great way to get exercise.

After your honeymoon travels come to a close, consider joining a neighborhood gym, taking an exercise class or investing in home exercise equipment. Add an element of fun by enlisting your best girlfriends to go for a run or meet you for a yoga session. It's a great way to nurture friendships now that you're married. Plus, studies show exercising with a friend makes you feel better than working out alone. That's because your body releases more endorphins when you participate in a group activity and this leads to a feeling of elation. No wonder "girl time" makes us so happy.

For every 3,500 caloric units you burn, you'll keep a pound of weight at bay. Owning a dog makes that even easier, so maybe it's time to add a pet to your new family. Researchers report people whose household includes a dog get more exercise than those who live sans fur (and that includes people with gym memberships). Most dog owners walk their pets twice a day, in addition to three longer walks each week. All this footwork adds up to nearly six hours of cardio. Best of all, it's something you can do as a couple -- and that's what being married is all about. Coming up next, we've got other ways to get him on board with your healthful lifestyle.

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