5 Reasons You Don't Need a Wedding Crash Diet

Eat up, bride! You'll need serious energy to plan a wedding.
Eat up, bride! You'll need serious energy to plan a wedding.

If you're like many brides, your engagement probably went something like this.

With tears in his eyes, your boyfriend gets down on one knee and presents you with a moving proposal and an engagement ring that perfectly symbolizes your everlasting love for each other. You gleefully accept and bashfully acknowledge the round of applause that ensues if you're in public. Then, you both sit down to dinner at a fabulous restaurant, where you read the menu with a newly critical eye. The fettuccine suddenly seems like such fattening fare -- you've got a wedding dress to don in just eight short months! You sigh and opt for a glass of water and side salad (passing on the dressing, naturally).

Whether you're a size two or 12, it's a virtual certainty that you're sweating some aspect of your appearance. Deceptively simple crash diets are never the way to go. Sure, you might drop a few pounds, but at what cost? A bride who's been munching only carrots and celery won't be radiant on her big day.

If you're still not convinced, keep reading for the many reasons you should resist the urge to crash. You can take another diet route to look your bridal best without compromising your health and taste buds in the process.