10 Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Newlywed Weight Gain


Plan Your Weekly Meals

Every weekend, find time to sit down and plan your meals for the upcoming week; this will keep you from making unhealthy eating choices when you're in a rush. Include your husband in the meal-planning process, and take him grocery shopping with you! Remember to eat before you go so you won't impulsively buy cookies or chips because you're craving them out of hunger.

Grocery shopping doesn't have to be boring. Enjoy a Saturday morning together by visiting the farmers market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Grab a smoothie to sip while you walk up and down the aisles. Browse unique food items at a specialty grocery store, like Trader Joe's, and try something new, like a wedge of Chimay cheese. Of course, while you're there, be sure to pick up some Two Buck Chuck to pair with that cheese later!