10 Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Newlywed Weight Gain


Commit to Greens

We all know that we're supposed to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but this can seem like a tough goal to achieve. Bear in mind that a standard serving of fruits or vegetables is around a half a cup -- almost all of us can manage to eat a small apple and add some Romaine lettuce to a sandwich. Aim to have the color green on every plate you fix. Keep a variety of beans, kale, spinach and cabbage in the pantry or fridge; these are great additions to any meal.

When dining out, still challenge yourself to add something green to your plate. Even if your main course is a juicy hamburger, substitute a side salad for the usual sweet potato fries. Salads are the perfect side dish to fix at home, too. You can mix different nuts, fruits and cheeses in salads to keep them interesting. Mandarin oranges, almonds and feta cheese can really spruce up a bed of lettuce.