10 Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Newlywed Weight Gain


Limit How Often You Dine Out and Order Takeout

It's tempting to order a pizza after a long day at work, but if you do it too often, the pounds are likely to creep on. When you're too exhausted to cook, have quick, healthy dinner options available. Browse through Web sites and cookbooks for five-ingredient recipes featuring fish, chicken and salad entrees.

Beware the weekend temptations, too. Going out for Sunday brunch together is a fun activity when you're newlyweds, but a huge portion of peanut butter French toast isn't going to be nice to your figure in the end! Instead, opt to cook a healthier, romantic breakfast in bed consisting of whole-wheat toast, scrambled eggs and fruit.

One bonus of cutting back on eating out is saving money -- and another perk is bonding by cooking together at home. Set the mood in your kitchen with a little jazz or oldies music, whip up a couple of Tom Collins cocktails, and take turns chopping and sautéing!