10 Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Newlywed Weight Gain


Adjust the Portions on Your Plate

Beware the diameter of the dinner plates that came with your new set of everyday dishes! Big plates tempt us to fill up on larger portions of our favorite foods, like pasta and pizza. But if you learn how to portion foods on your plate, you'll see the pounds melt off. The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests that vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans should cover about two-thirds of your plate, and fish, poultry, meat or dairy-based foods should cover one-third or less of it.

It's likely that your man has a higher metabolism and a bigger appetite than you. He may be able to devour a heartier helping of chicken tetrazzini without packing on the pounds. If this is true, don't hesitate to fix him a slightly larger portion of food when you cook a meal; men need a couple hundred more calories than women a day.

If you and your husband are meat lovers, you can still enjoy a steak every now and then, but try to choose poultry and fish over red meat. And if you're making a rich sausage and pasta dish, substitute half of the meat for vegetables.