Our 10 Best Dieting Tips for Brides


Eat at Home

Eating out too often isn't just hard on your wallet -- it seriously impacts your waistline and overall health.

A recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) identified lunchtime meal outings as the main culprit in weight gain, averaging 158 more calories than a homemade lunch (dinners out average an extra 144 calories). Brides and grooms interested in cutting spending and calories can turn to cooking at home as a thrifty and lean way to eat.

There's no need to totally eliminate date nights in the name of fitness, however. Simply cutting back on your restaurant visits or making smarter choices when you do eat out (salmon instead of pizza, perhaps?), can help you reach your goals. Baby steps like these will help you get your lifestyle in check … and your wallet will thank you, too!