Our 10 Best Dieting Tips for Brides


Pack Snacks

Food-related temptation lurks around every corner, particularly if you're a sweets junkie like I am (it's truly unhealthy how many times a day I refer to chocolate in conversation). Avoid succumbing to a major case of the munchies by packing healthy snacks wherever you go.

If you're headed out to the movies, forego the popcorn and soda in favor of trail mix and bottled water stashed in your purse. Come to work armed with fresh, sliced fruit and nut butter, which is sure to harden your resolve against the leftover birthday cake in the break room. Whatever your plans are for the day, a smattering of healthy snacks at your fingertips will give you the physical and mental strength to turn down any nutritionally deficient, calorie-laden temptation that comes your way.