Our 10 Best Dieting Tips for Brides

Recruit a Partner in Crime

You know the drill. You start off a diet with all of the good intentions and resolve in the world. Then, as the hunger pangs and monotony of diet food get the best of you, the enthusiasm wanes until you're left with a freezer full of uneaten Lean Cuisines (or in my case, a bag of unopened rice cakes -- what was I thinking when I bought those?). If you're competitive by nature, the answer to your problem could be as simple as recruiting a diet buddy to keep you motivated. The perfect partner in your quest for fitness could be anyone looking to shape up in time for your nuptials, including your maid of honor, your husband-to-be or even your mom. Perhaps you could take turns cooking healthy meals, meeting for early morning workouts or just keeping each other motivated with tons of positive reinforcement. If no one's willing to jump on the diet and exercise bandwagon with you, consider finding a virtual buddy to keep you motivated. Many Web sites have message boards where dieters can trade secrets and war stories. Others, such as Shape magazine's site, offer free virtual trainers who help you plan and track your exercise schedule, caloric intake and success.