Our 10 Best Dieting Tips for Brides

Image Gallery: Fruit Please accept a heaping handful of sound dieting advice from us! See pictures of fruit.

I'm guessing that your groom-to-be thinks you're perfect just the way you are, otherwise he wouldn't have proposed his everlasting commitment to you. Even so, many brides embark on a fitness and diet regimen fit for a supermodel once that ring is put snugly in place.

It makes sense for a little bit of self-consciousness to kick in. After all, you'll be standing up in front of dozens or even hundreds of your closest friends, family members and co-workers while you say your vows. I'd like to say that their gazes will be split 50/50 between you and the groom, but in reality, they'll be transfixed by you in all your bridal glory (he's probably not sporting professionally applied makeup, a chic up-do and a gown that costs more than a month's rent).

Whether your wedding is going to be a big hoopla or not, it's always a great idea to kick off your marriage with better nutrition and fitness goals -- as long as you're dieting safely. Keep reading for our best dieting tips for brides who are preparing for their 15 minutes of bridal fame.