10 Diet Destroyers Lurking at Your Bridal Shower

All those dainty sweets and savories pack a hefty punch. See more pictures of enlightened desserts.

Don't blame your maid of honor. She loves you and wants you to have an incredible, memorable bridal shower. Unfortunately, she's also unconsciously attempting to derail your diet by packing the event full of petite little savories that make for some surprisingly hefty bites.

You might not think that eating a small sandwich or having a few drinks with friends could ruin weeks' worth of wedding weight-loss work, but the tapas-style cuisine at most bridal bashes is extremely high in both fat and calories.

But don't go swearing off shower cuisine altogether -- we're going to help you avoid any diet disasters by identifying 10 corpulence-inducing culprits that may be lurking on the buffet table. We'll even give you a few tips to make some of these dishes more diet-friendly. If you've got a proper shower hostess, she'll ask for your input on the menu, or she may review her selections with you. This is the time to cast a friendly but critical eye on the offerings.

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