Buff for the Big Day: 10 Best Exercises for Brides

Image Gallery: Wedding Gowns Get fit for the altar with our 10 no-fuss moves. See pictures of wedding gowns.

Plenty of brides embark on a diet and fitness regimen before walking down the aisle. But with so much on your plate -- choosing flowers for your bouquet, selecting invitations, going to dress fittings -- you need a quick, effective fitness routine that's easy to squeeze into your packed schedule. And depending on the style of your dress, you'll want to work on different areas of your body. Strapless gown? You're after great shoulders. Trumpet silhouette? You want slimmer thighs, stat!

We've got 10 simple exercises that you can do with minimal fuss and equipment. You can even do them in your living room while you're watching TV! Just commit to about three sets of reps for each move at least three or four days per week, and you should see results.

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