Wedding Nail Fashion for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Nail Polish Colors

There's no need to limit your bridesmaids to clear polish; today's bridesmaids are painting their nails in colors ranging from white to black -- and everything in between! Classic brides may ask their bridesmaids to stick to more conservative French manicures, or paint nails in shades of nude, pink or red. More modern brides may be open to the possibility of their bridesmaids wearing a more contemporary polish or design, opting for funky color combinations and embellishments. Even if all bridesmaids' nails are different, they can be united with a small painted symbol or single rhinestone in honor of the bride's special day.

It's also common among bridal parties to choose nail polish that complements the bridesmaid dress or wedding color scheme. Instead of requiring all bridesmaids to wear an identical shade, consider suggesting a range of polishes in the same color family to choose from. Muted shades of pink are lovely, but don't underestimate the power of bold colors. Moody shades of purple and bright red are dramatic and make a statement, and metallic polishes are popular with contemporary bridal parties. When you think a polish is too flashy for fingernails, consider painting bridesmaids' toenails with the color instead. Open-toed pumps or sandals will show off a bridesmaid's pedicure quite nicely, and brightly painted toenails won't be too noticeable -- both in person and in photographs.

Since bridesmaids' nails won't be the center of attention for the majority of the wedding day, consider letting them be creative with their nail polish color and design. You want your bridesmaids to look and feel their best at the wedding, and that means giving each woman a little freedom to express her unique sense of style. As the bride, it may be your day to shine, but it's always nice to want to share a little of the limelight with your beautiful bridesmaids -- that's what true friendship is all about!

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