Wedding Day Prep: Airbrushing

Airbrushing Tips for Your Wedding Day

You've decided on your makeup artist, had your trial run and the big day is here! It's a day to be pampered and look your best. While you're leaving your makeup to a professional, there are essential steps for you to take so your skin will be well prepared for the airbrushing makeup:

  • Have your makeup palette mapped out before the big day. Work with your makeup professional in advance to choose the shades for your entire face. You don't want to be unhappy with the color scheme when you're on a tight schedule, and you certainly don't want to be miserable about your makeup right before being photographed.
  • Make sure your face is thoroughly clean. Washing with a gentle cleanser before applying airbrushing makeup will ensure that your skin is ready. Apply a light moisturizer before the makeup, so the foundation has a surface to stick to. If your skin is too dry, the foundation can clump in spots.
  • Dry your face completely before spraying on foundation.

With a good makeup artist and some testing of styles and color shades, you can put your most beautiful bridal face forward!

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