Wedding Day Prep: Airbrushing

Make your wedding photos picture perfect with a flawless face.
Make your wedding photos picture perfect with a flawless face.

You've been planning, prepping and pampering for your wedding day. The flowers have been picked, your cake is designed, and you and your future better half have chosen the perfect song for your first dance as a married couple. Let's face it: While all of these details are important, what really needs to be perfect? Your makeup!

Putting your best face forward is so important for the bride-to-be. Finding the right wedding makeup to convey your personal style, however, can be a daunting task. Do you hire a makeup artist or DIY? Do you go more natural or glam? Ideally, brides want makeup that will help them look their best with little or no need for touching up throughout the day.



One recent trend among brides is to use airbrushed makeup as part of their wedding day routine. Airbrushed makeup has many benefits over traditional makeup. Compared to liquid or mineral foundation, eye and cheek colors and lipstick, airbrushed makeup can last anywhere from 12 to 16 hours. This allows a bride to look her absolute best throughout the rounds of photos, the ceremony and the celebration, without worrying if her makeup has faded or smudged. Airbrushed makeup also feels much lighter on the skin, relieving brides of feeling too "made up," even if they're wearing more makeup than they normally would.

Sound interesting? Read on to find out how airbrushing achieves a flawless look for the bride before their big walk down the aisle.

How Airbrushing Achieves a Flawless Wedding Look

The word "airbrushing" may seem like your face will be plastered with makeup, but it's quite the opposite. Professional makeup artists use specialized airbrushing techniques to ensure smooth coverage of the skin, as well as camouflage any surface flaws. Airbrushing uses liquid foundation and makeup, but with an application twist. Makeup artists use a special tool, known as an airbrush gun with an air compressor to spray makeup gently onto the face.

Airbrushed makeup is layered onto skin like a fine mist spray paint -- it's diffused evenly instead of absorbing into your skin, such as liquid or powder-based makeup. The makeup won't settle into your cute laugh lines or other fine lines you'd rather not find in your wedding photos. Spraying foundation on your skin also makes it easier to blend other makeup, and create a finish that is gorgeous yet effortless.



The base for your face, airbrush foundation, comes in two distinct formulas. Water-based airbrush foundation leaves the skin with a more matte finish. It can also be touched up or fixed easily with brushes. If you are going for a dewier look, silicone-based foundation may be the one for you. The silicone foundation is water-resistant, long lasting and is oil absorbent. That translates to less touch-ups later in the day, especially if you're having a summer wedding or getting married somewhere warm.

For the rest of your features, airbrushing can also include eye makeup, blush and even lipstick. Makeup can come in every shade imaginable, from au natural to high pigment of color. The colors you use is all about your style. Let's take a look at how to prepare your face for a successful airbrushing application.

Airbrushing Tips for Your Wedding Day

You've decided on your makeup artist, had your trial run and the big day is here! It's a day to be pampered and look your best. While you're leaving your makeup to a professional, there are essential steps for you to take so your skin will be well prepared for the airbrushing makeup:

  • Have your makeup palette mapped out before the big day. Work with your makeup professional in advance to choose the shades for your entire face. You don't want to be unhappy with the color scheme when you're on a tight schedule, and you certainly don't want to be miserable about your makeup right before being photographed.
  • Make sure your face is thoroughly clean. Washing with a gentle cleanser before applying airbrushing makeup will ensure that your skin is ready. Apply a light moisturizer before the makeup, so the foundation has a surface to stick to. If your skin is too dry, the foundation can clump in spots.
  • Dry your face completely before spraying on foundation.

With a good makeup artist and some testing of styles and color shades, you can put your most beautiful bridal face forward!



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