Wedding Beauty Checklist

A Healthy Bride is a Happy Bride

Having tanned skin may be an important item on your pre-wedding beauty checklist, but there are several ways to achieve a sun-kissed glow, and some are healthier than others. Tanning beds and sunbathing are very bad for your skin -- not only can ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer, but they can badly damage skin cells, leaving burns and blisters all over your body.

No one wants to look like a boiled lobster in their wedding portrait, so if you must have a tan on your big day, try a spray tan instead. Spray tans are achieved without exposure to the sun's harmful rays, so they're considered a healthy alternative to tanning beds and sunbathing. However, schedule a trial appointment at least a month in advance of your wedding to make sure you like the results -- if spray tanning isn't right for you, your color will return to normal long before your wedding day arrives.

When all else fails, consider trying a self-tanner -- but approach these lotions with caution. You may find it difficult to find a hue that works well with your exact skin tone, and lotions can be hard to apply evenly, so they may leave unwanted streaks and spots behind. Above all, don't apply a bronzer lotion the day of the wedding -- it could accidentally stain your pristine white dress.

You also need to take your health and well-being seriously in the months leading up to your big day. Doing so will help you cope with the unavoidable stress that comes with planning a wedding. Exercise regularly, and choose a workout regimen that's convenient to your schedule. You don't necessarily have to purchase an expensive gym membership in order to exercise -- run or walk outdoors, embark on weekend hikes or take up bicycling -- just don't overdo it! While it might sound fun to sign up for the mud run that's happening the weekend before your wedding, you don't want to walk down the aisle with a big white cast and crutches.

When dieting, don't starve yourself or succumb to any weight-loss fads. Eat a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, and if you eat meat, choose lean cuts of chicken and beef. Limit your intake of sweets and starches, nix soda and other drinks high in sodium and sugar and drink water instead. When your mind and body are healthy and in sync, you're guaranteed to look (and feel) your absolute best.

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