Wedding Beauty Checklist

Yes, wearing the right earrings on your big day is important, but it's not nearly as critical as the rest of these beauty tips.
Yes, wearing the right earrings on your big day is important, but it's not nearly as critical as the rest of these beauty tips.

You've purchased the perfect dress and veil, and you've booked the venue and a photographer. Of course, you've also found the lucky guy you're going to spend the rest of your life with. Now all that's left on your wedding day checklist is your beauty regimen, and it could be simple or intense, depending on your style. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve a blissful glow. After all, the photos that document this once-in-a-lifetime affair will be around for many decades to come, so why not look your absolute best?

First, consider your tresses. Cut your hair -- if necessary -- a month in advance of the wedding. Don't make the mistake of booking a last-minute hair appointment with your stylist -- if your hair is cut too short or the style is wrong, it won't have time to grow or be restyled before the big day. Similarly, highlight or color your hair several days before the wedding -- if your hairdresser makes any mistakes, she'll have plenty of time to correct them. Finally, schedule a trial run with your stylist to test various 'dos at least three months before the the big day. Come prepared with inspiring magazine photos and a picture of your dress, and bring your veil and any other hair accessories you plan to use so the practice run goes as smoothly as possible. Snap a few pictures of the finished hairstyle, and have them handy for your stylist to reference the day of the wedding.

Next, pull out a hand mirror and examine your skin. Are your pores in tip-top shape? If the answer is "no," you might want to consult a dermatologist for skincare advice -- ideally six to nine months before you say "I do." Medication may be prescribed to treat acne or other skin ailments, helping your complexion reach its full potential. Once your skin is healthy and blemish-free, meet with a makeup artist to choose lipstick, blush, eye shadow and a foundation that matches your skin tone. Most makeup professionals offer free makeovers -- the perfect chance to meet with an expert one-on-one to discuss your wedding day beauty regimen. Take this time to try as many styles and shades as you wish, but never leave a makeover without purchasing a few products first -- it's in poor taste to book a free consultation and leave the store empty-handed.