Your Total Wedding Look, from Dress and Beauty to Bouquet and Accessories

Tips for Coordinating Your Total Wedding Look

Planning a wedding requires significant time and consideration, and beautifying yourself head to toe in the months leading up to this once-in-a-lifetime occasion is no exception. Here are some tips on how to coordinate your look to ensure your wedding day goes exactly as planned.

First, take dress and accessory shopping seriously. Never drop in to a dress boutique unannounced, and don't attempt to try on gowns during your lunch hour. Book an appointment in advance, and bring your mother or maid of honor for added support. Experts advise leaving the rest of the bridal party at home -- too many opinions can distract you from finding a dress that you truly love. Bring photos of dresses you like to show your consultant, and be open to different styles she recommends you try -- after all, she's the ultimate expert in knowing what will flatter your figure and complexion. Finally, make sure you can sit down and walk comfortably in the dress you choose -- and don't forget to lift your arms and spin around to see how it'll hold up on the dance floor.

Next, remember that practice makes perfect. Trial runs are important -- they'll help everything go more smoothly on your big day. Come to dress, makeup, hair and floral consultations prepared. Bring magazine photos that inspire you as well as a photo of your gown. This will give professionals an idea of how formal or informal the affair will be, and the gown will likely dictate the formality of your hair, makeup and bouquet, too. When you schedule a dress rehearsal with your hairstylist, bring your veil, jewelry, tiara and any other hair accessories that you plan to wear the day of the wedding so the final look is as accurate as possible.

When the big day finally arrives, pack a small bag of beauty emergency essentials in case anything goes awry. Include moisturizer to help diminish swelling or redness, and pack extra bobby pins in case a tendril or two fall over the course of the evening. Have clear lip gloss handy for dry lips -- forgo the bright red lipstick (or be really careful), as it could accidentally leave an ugly mark on your white dress. Finally, come to the ceremony prepared with a few breath mints to ensure your first kiss as husband and wife is everything you hoped it would be.

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