Makeup Guide for the Mature Bride

Mature Bride Makeup: Preventing Lipstick Bleed

Finding that perfect lip color completes the entire wedding look for the face. As women age, however, tiny imperfections such as wrinkles may start to appear around the lips. They may not stand out with light makeup, but when applying heavy makeup, wrinkles may be easily noticeable. One such problem women find is "feathering," what makeup experts call the subtle bleeding of lipstick into those wrinkles.

Thankfully, there are a various ways to prevent feathering, while allowing lips to stay shiny and lustrous with little imperfections. One trick is to keep lips moisturized with a layer of clear lip balm, or even petroleum jelly. Place the balm on your lips as well as slightly above the lip line before applying lipstick. The balm will act as a barrier, preventing lipstick color to pass into wrinkles. You can also use foundation slightly over the lip line, and a neutral lip pencil to color over the base. The lipstick will bleed into the pencil instead, leaving lips colored and smooth.

You can also buy a lip plumper, which will temporarily make your lips look fuller on the big day. These usually contain ingredients with a mild irritant, causing your lips to swell and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Apply your lipstick over your plumper for the perfect wedding day pout.

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