Makeup Guide for the Mature Bride

Mature Bride Makeup: Hooded Eyes

As we age, the skin around our eyes begins to slightly droop, which can obscure the eyelid. This is called having "hooded eyes" or "bedroom eyes," because of the appearance of heaviness of the eyelids. Hooded eyes can appear over time, but many people are actually born with this eye structure. Either way, hooded eyes need a different approach to eye makeup.

The goal to successfully applying makeup to hooded eyes is to help them appear more open. One way to achieve this is to use lighter shades of eye shadows and eyeliners. Using a dark shadow over the entire lid can cause the eye to look heavier. On the other hand, highlighting the brow bone too much can make your eyes appear even more hooded.

Try to blend lighter and darker colors for a softer look. You'll want to put your mid-tone color over your entire eyelid and hooded area and blend where it meets your highlighter. Apply the highlighter shade to your upper lash line and your mid-tone color to your lower lash line. Then layer your contour color on top of your mid-tone, about half way across the lid. Finally, sweep it underneath your lower lashes, which will really define your lower lash line.

For eyeliner, the less you use on the lid lines, the better. Try using light colored eyeliner, and instead of lining your upper lid, line just underneath the lid. Use a precision eyeliner tool to get as precise and thin as line drawn as possible.