How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Perfect Wedding Shoes: How to Break Them In
Don't wait until the big day to loosen up your shoes.
Don't wait until the big day to loosen up your shoes.

Once you have the right shoes, how do you make sure they'll be as ready as you are on the big day? Practice, practice, practice! You can have the perfect dress, the loveliest flowers and the handsomest groom, but if you slip and fall during the ceremony, that's all anyone will remember. You want your wedding to be memorable in a good way, so stay on your feet through the proceedings. This translates to wearing shoes you can count on.

  • Score your shoes -- Most new dress shoes are smooth on the bottom. This looks great from an ants eye view, but it can be pretty slippery. Grab an emery board or a piece of fine grit sandpaper and score the bottoms of your shoes to make sure they'll get good traction on slick surfaces like wood, tile and polished stone.
  • Wear your shoes indoors -- The best way to break in your shoes is to wear them. Don't risk staining or damaging them by wearing them outdoors, but do walk around your home in them. Try making a 5-to-10 minute circuit of your home's interior once a day for a week. That should soften them up and make you more familiar with the way they feel on your feet. If you have stairs in your home, use them. The flexing action of going up and down stairs is a great way to break in a new pair of shoes.
  • Do a little dance -- If you'll be dancing at your reception, take some time to dance in your shoes before the music starts playing for real.
  • Bend and stretch -- If your shoes feel stiff and tight, try wearing them with a pair of winter socks. Walk around in them this way for a few minutes a day over the course of a weekend. This should give them a roomier and comfier feel.

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