How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Perfect Wedding Shoes: Match the Dress

In recent years, the idea of matchy-matchy style has become a big no-no. That concept may be gaining traction in wedding styles, too. Lots of brides are still matching their shoes to their gowns, but plenty of brides are choosing shoe colors that match their d├ęcor, bridesmaids' dresses, flower colors or even their hair ornaments, belts or jewelry. It's a whole new shoe world out there. There's no cause for alarm, because there are no rules. Well, there may be one or two you should consider:

  • Look for a good match -- When you're wearing a white or cream colored gown and want your shoes to match, be careful to match them exactly. The shades between bright white and cream can be subtle, but when they're side by side, the difference is noticeable. Your best bet when matching shades is to ask your dressmaker or retailer for a fabric swatch. Compare fabrics and colors in different lights before choosing, too. Oh, and arrange for the dress first and then buy the shoes. Life will be much easier that way.
  • When you want contrasting shoes -- Choose a color that coordinates with something in your wedding decor. You may want to wear breathtakingly red shoes with your white gown -- which is OK by the way -- but make sure there is red somewhere else in your wedding design. The human eye likes the symmetry of repeated shapes and colors.
  • Textures and materials matter -- The materials a shoe is made from will have an impact on its overall appearance. A white leather pump, say, will look less reflective, and less bright, than a white patent leather pump, or satin sandals or a sling pump that sports a cluster of crystal embellishments. Any of these material options will work with the right dress, just be aware that color isn't the only consideration; texture and shine play a role, too.

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