Wedding Style: The Most Flattering Type of Base for Your Complexion

Glowing wedding-day complexion can be achieved with the perfect foundation.
Glowing wedding-day complexion can be achieved with the perfect foundation.

Choosing the right foundation can be tricky, but achieving a gorgeous wedding-day look all begins with finding the right base makeup. No bride wants to show up to the altar unrecognizable, so how do you find a base that'll help you achieve a natural glow? To start, rearrange your bridal to-do list and make finding a foundation that matches your skin tone a number one priority.

Attempting to match a foundation to your skin tone can be a challenge, so consult an expert if you need help. Since you're usually not able to test various foundations at a drugstore, schedule an appointment with a professional at a mall makeup counter or beauty shop. Always test base makeup by applying it to your jawline; despite what your mother may have taught you when you were a teenager, you shouldn't sample foundation on the back of your hand. Your face may be darker or lighter than the rest of your body, so testing foundation anywhere other than your jawline means risking the chance of wearing the wrong color base on the big day.

Not only do you want to select a foundation that complements your skin tone, but you need to decide which texture is right for you, too. Is your skin dry or oily? The kind of complexion you have will dictate the kind of base makeup you should use. Women with dry skin should choose a stick, liquid, cream or hydrating powder. Hydrating powder moisturizes and soothes skin, and it usually covers more evenly than pressed powders. Since liquid foundations can be difficult to blend and can leave lines, cream foundations are a better alternative. Like liquid foundations, creams are moisturizing, but their solid texture often makes them easier to apply. Always use a wedge sponge to apply liquid and cream foundations, and don't fill crow's feet or other winkles with extra layers of makeup in an attempt to hide your skin's imperfections. Instead, keep problem areas well moisturized and apply less makeup to prevent creases from appearing later in the day.

Oil-free liquid and powder foundations are best for women with oily skin; they'll absorb shine and leave skin looking fresh until the very last dance of the night. Since mineral makeup is dry and airy, it also works well with oily skin types. Not only will mineral makeup powder absorb excess moisture, but it's also so light that it won't clog pores. For those prone to breakouts, use a foundation that contains salicylic acid to dry oily skin and prevent pimples. Brides tying the knot outside during warm months of the year might consider wearing sweat proof foundation to ensure makeup stays put with the least shine possible. Finally, don't forget to stuff a couple of blotting tissues into your bridal clutch in case you need to remove any moisture throughout the day -- whether it's a result of the heat or wedding-day nerves!