5 Makeup Tips for Every Wedding

The Beach Wedding Bride
Beach brides will love a touch of bronze in their look.
Beach brides will love a touch of bronze in their look.
Photo courtesy Mary Kay

The sun, sand and ocean spray are all well and good when sunbathing in a bikini, but they're not so kind to brides. As with outdoor weddings, stick to powder foundation or simple spot concealer, if your skin tone allows. Oil-free foundation applied sparingly with a foundation brush is another viable option. Creamy shadows and blushes, although radiant when worn in temperate climates, run like the wind in hot and humid tropical settings. Powder versions are the much more sensible option, particularly if layered on top of an eye and face primer, which considerably lengthen the lifespan of your makeup.

No matter which type or what quantity of makeup the beach bride dons, it must all be applied on top of a layer of sunscreen to prevent sunburns and skin damage. Makeup touch-ups, which can sometimes be avoided at indoor weddings, are an absolute necessity at beach weddings. Blotting papers, coupled with extra eye shadow, lip color and powder can keep a beach bride looking radiant (rather than greasy) long after the sun has set.

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