5 Makeup Tips for Every Wedding


The Church Wedding Bride

A compact is a wedding day must-have!
A compact is a wedding day must-have!
Photo courtesy Mary Kay

A bride probably won't wear a super low-cut gown in a formal wedding that takes place in her church's sanctuary, so it makes sense to keep her makeup clean and understated, too. A church wedding is certainly not the time to let your inner pop star shine (leave the glitter and rhinestone body decals at home, girls!). Pastors, priests and rabbis alike will silently thank understated brides for exhibiting such decorum in their house of worship.

Instead, opt for classy makeup without all the fuss during the ceremony, and if you want a little extra drama, add a darker lip color, extra mascara or smoky eyeliner before hitting the reception. Be sure to test your mascara ahead of time to pick a variety that won't clump when you add an extra coat or two.