5 Tips to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

Don't Underestimate the Right Makeup Application

Where makeup is concerned, don't cake on the foundation or go au naturel on the big day. The right -- or wrong -- application will make all the difference in your wedding photos. Meet with a makeup artist a few months before the wedding for a consultation, and see which color palette and foundation she suggests using with your skin tone. Even if you choose not to book a makeup artist on your big day, a professional can still show you how to correctly apply foundation, blush, eye shadow and mascara and give suggestions on how to get your other facial features to shine, too. False eyelashes or extensions can be applied to showcase your eyes, and groomed eyebrows will frame your face, making you appear perfectly polished in your photos. Bring blotting tissues to eliminate any perspiration over the course of your wedding day, and, above all, remember that less is always more. There's nothing stranger than receiving your final wedding portrait and not recognizing yourself, so don't overdo the makeup!