5 Tips to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

There's a lot you can do to prepare for great wedding photos, but the ones that capture a spontaneous moment are often the best. See more bridal hair accessory pictures.
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You've plucked your eyebrows, highlighted your hair and whitened your smile -- all in preparation for your wedding day, which you hope will be a picture-perfect affair. Every bride wants to look her best the day she says "I do," but it's the photographer's responsibility to capture her beauty on film in the most flattering light. How can you ensure that your wedding photo album is one you'll be proud to show to your future grandchildren? From having good posture to choosing the poses that are right for you, here are five tips to looking your best in your wedding photos.

Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

Professional photographers usually favor areas with natural sunlight, so plan to snap a few photos with your wedding party outdoors. Depending on the time of year your wedding takes place, the weather could be cool or warm, so be sure to dress accordingly for the best results. Beware of direct sunlight, as it can distort facial features and wash out your skin. Choose a spot with a little shade for the most flattering photos. Always defer to your photographer regarding lighting -- he's an expert in knowing how to adjust his camera lenses to a particular setting, whether it's indoors or outside. But be sure to discuss any concerns you have with him before the wedding day arrives, especially if your indoor venue lacks natural light.

Perfect Your Posture
If you want the best possible wedding pics, you need to strike a flattering pose.
If you want the best possible wedding pics, you need to strike a flattering pose.
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Having good posture can actually make you appear slimmer in photos -- you just have to know which poses will work best for your figure. Most women can flatter their silhouette by pushing their shoulders back and leaning back slightly on one foot. Always stand up straight and make sure you don't slouch, and, whenever possible, choose standing over sitting in photos. When sitting, remember to cross your legs at the ankles in a ladylike pose that flatters calves and thighs. Lift your chin upwards to elongate your neck, and remember to breathe as your photographer snaps away! In the days leading up to the wedding, don't feel embarrassed if you want to practice smiling and posing in a mirror by yourself. Lock the bathroom door for privacy, relax, and see what feels and looks most natural to you.

Don't Underestimate the Right Makeup Application

Where makeup is concerned, don't cake on the foundation or go au naturel on the big day. The right -- or wrong -- application will make all the difference in your wedding photos. Meet with a makeup artist a few months before the wedding for a consultation, and see which color palette and foundation she suggests using with your skin tone. Even if you choose not to book a makeup artist on your big day, a professional can still show you how to correctly apply foundation, blush, eye shadow and mascara and give suggestions on how to get your other facial features to shine, too. False eyelashes or extensions can be applied to showcase your eyes, and groomed eyebrows will frame your face, making you appear perfectly polished in your photos. Bring blotting tissues to eliminate any perspiration over the course of your wedding day, and, above all, remember that less is always more. There's nothing stranger than receiving your final wedding portrait and not recognizing yourself, so don't overdo the makeup!

A Beer Can isn't a Photo Prop
Well, we'll say this about downing brew in your wedding pics: At least you can come up with some memorable poses.
Well, we'll say this about downing brew in your wedding pics: At least you can come up with some memorable poses.
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While most brides want to celebrate with a drink or two at the reception, no one wants to look back at their wedding photos and feel like a lush -- so be mindful that you aren't holding a drink in every photo of the evening. Place your drink on a nearby table before you snap any photos with family and friends, and wrap a cocktail napkin around your glass or bottle for an added touch of class. Also avoid holding any drinks while you dance -- this just increases the likelihood of a spill that will ruin your white dress.

Do Your Homework

The day of your wedding is bound to get a little chaotic, and your photos are no exception. Meet with your photographer in advance of the wedding and state which photos are must-haves. Ask your parents and the groom's parents which photos of family and friends they can't live without, and make a final list for your photographer. Not only will this help everyone stay organized, but it will prevent anyone from being disappointed that a shot was missed once the wedding is over. Similarly, share which traditional shots and modern trends you don't care for as well. Awkward poses will likely make you look uncomfortable in photos, so if you don't like a particular pose or want to stay light on public displays of affection, say so. Above all, try to let go of any insecurities, and be yourself! The best pictures are taken when you forget the lens is snapping away, so laugh, have fun, and the joy of your big day will shine through in every photo.


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