5 Spa Treatments to Skip on Your Honeymoon


Saunas can be relaxing, but if you're having a lot of fun in the sun along with spending time in a sauna, you run a high risk of dehydration. Spending time in the hospital because you got dehydrated isn't the honeymoon memories you likely wanted to make. Saunas generally range from around 80 degrees to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure to drink a lot of water before you visit one. The Institute of Medicine says that in order to stay hydrated, men should drink around 13 cups of water a day and women should drink around 9 cups per day. However, when you sweat profusely, you need to drink more in order to compensate for the extra liquid that your body is losing. So take our advice and skip the sauna. There are other ways, safer ways to crank up the heat on your honeymoon!

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