5 Easy DIY Wedding Hairstyles

Stay Casual With a Side-swept Chignon

A simple chignon offers the perfect wedding day hairstyle for brides who want to create a cool, casual look. For DIY hair you can style in minutes, try a modern twist on the classic chignon. Think loose and breezy, not tight and perfectly coiffed. This style works best with medium to long hair and can be worn with any type of veil.

To create your chignon, start by pulling hair into a low side ponytail, then flip the ends of your hair through just above where you placed the rubber band or ponytail holder. If you like this look, leave it as it is and accent with a small sprig of flowers or a sparkly barrette. If your hair is on the long side, twist it up into a loose chignon or side bun, then use a pretty clip to hold it in place. Leave a few wisps of hair free to frame the face, or curl these front sections for a soft, romantic look.