5 Beauty Bag Essentials for Your Destination Wedding



A good moisturizer will do wonders for your skin.
A good moisturizer will do wonders for your skin.
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Having a destination wedding often means lots of traveling via airplanes. The humidity in an airplane cabin is generally much lower than the normal outside air, which can take a huge toll on the hydration of your body, especially your skin. Hydrated skin starts from the inside, so drink lots of water before you board the plane and continue doing so in-flight. Avoid dehydrating liquids like soda, coffee and alcoholic drinks. Keep a good moisturizer handy and apply it to your face and neck when your skin starts feeling flaky or tight. Of course, you want to be hydrated for more than just your flight, so start using a good face lotion months before the wedding. Try Kiehls' Ultra Facial Cream for 24-hour hydration or, if you have oily skin, use a light moisturizer such as Olay Complete.