5 Figure-flattering Accessories for Plus-size Brides


If you're self-conscious about your shoulders or arms, plan on covering up with a wrap or a shawl. With so many elegant styles and luxurious fabrics to choose from, you'll be able to find one that perfectly accents your gown. Above and beyond the usual suspects, like silk and lace, you can have a wrap or bolero custom-made to match the beading on your dress, which will give you a cohesive look on your big day. If you're going to be a winter wonderland bride, consider a beautiful cloak to bundle up with in the chilly weather. Ivory, white, soft gray and even different types of fur or faux fur all complement your bridal look. What's more, you'll stay warm! Be sure to take a few photographs styled with your wrap -- you'll look extremely elegant.

Whatever wrap you choose, be sure the piece fits you comfortably. It shouldn't be too big or too small. Oversized wraps will seem baggy, covering up too much of your body, and wraps that run on the small side will look too tight.

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