5 Figure-flattering Accessories for Plus-size Brides


Well-constructed lingerie is the secret to making your figure look amazing under your wedding dress. If you're wearing a strapless gown, a corset will cinch in your waist and give you an hourglass figure that your groom will drool over. If you choose to wear a regular bra, make sure it fits correctly and is snug to your body. You don't want your straps falling down or cutting into your shoulders. Check out longline bras for more coverage and support than regular bras -- most longline bras have removable straps so you can alter them according to the type of dress you have. Spanx are also a hot commodity for smoothing the tummy and thighs, making your figure look flawless.

And let's not forget your wedding night lingerie! There are plenty of companies that specialize in plus-size lingerie that will perfectly hug your curves. If you don't have luck at your favorite department store, go online for gorgeous nighties, negligees and bustiers made especially in your size.