Bridal Beauty Timeline: 12 Months to Shiny, Healthy Hair


Take a Break from Styling

In the fairy tale, Rapunzel's boyfriend climbed her long hair up the tower wall to her room. Talk about strong, healthy hair. But then, Rapunzel didn't get out much, so she never subjected her locks to curling, crimping and other stressful treatment that today's hair endures in the name of beauty. Her hair probably could have hoisted her boyfriend's horse, as well.

You might take a page from Rapunzel's beauty book. Give your hair a detox, the equivalent of a brown-rice-and-carrot-juice diet. Shampoo and condition as needed, but give up intensive styling that involves heat, chemicals, mousse, gels or sprays. Instead, check your favorite fashion magazine or Web site for casual, no-fuss-but-good-looking styles. Consider loose braids for long air, fishtailing down the back or coiled into a bun. Twist a ponytail into a knot and secure it with hair pins. For short hair, pull back bangs, or comb them forward. Get creative with accessories -- barrettes, hair combs, elastic bands and more. Who knows? You may like the new look.