Bridal Beauty Timeline: 12 Months to Shiny, Healthy Hair

Don't Stress Out
Relax. Stress can hurt your hair.
Relax. Stress can hurt your hair.

Stress has a jarring effect on your hair's growth cycle. Normally, a hair grows for a few years, rests for a few months, and then falls out. You shed from 50 to 100 hairs a day through this process.

Stress can send some hairs into early retirement. Then, when they fall out, along with the regularly scheduled drop-outs, the results can be startling.

Both physical and emotional stress can contribute to the problem. In the hectic days of wedding planning, take time to get enough sleep and eat right. Our tips on eating for healthy hair are sound nutritional advice in general. They can also help you lose any unhealthy weight before the last fitting for your wedding dress. Crash diets are major stress inducers.

Preserve your mental health, too. The bride may be the star of the show, but she doesn't have to be director, producer and prop manager as well. Let other people take care of some details. And think about what really matters. Ask yourself: Is anyone going to remember, much less care, whether the Pinot Grigio served at the rehearsal dinner was domestic or imported?

Granted, it's unlikely that a few months of pre-wedding stress will leave you looking like a hairless terrier on your honeymoon. But the effect is cumulative. Learn to manage stress now and chances are good that you'll still have the lovely head of hair 10 years from now as when you walked down the aisle.

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