Bridal Beauty Timeline: 12 Months to Shiny, Healthy Hair

Will your hair be wedding worthy?
Will your hair be wedding worthy?

With all the fuss made over your wedding dress, don't allow your wedding hair to be an afterthought -- like the groom's corsage. These things take planning. Left to the last minute, his boutonniere might be an orange tiger lily snipped from his mom's garden. Your hurried home perm may resemble the skunk-striped afro of the bride of Frankenstein.

OK, OK, so we exaggerate. But on that special day, any disappointment can seem like a disaster. Why risk a hairstyle fail when shiny, healthy hair is so easily had? Some of the tips described in these pages may already be part of your beauty regimen. Those that aren't, you'll welcome the excuse to add; they'll save you time and money, leaving more of both resources to lavish on that most important event. And if for some heart-breaking reason, the nuptials are called off, you'll still have a beautiful head of hair to take away from the relationship. One less thing to worry about when true love does find you, and the wedding bells ring.

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