10 Signs You're Turning into Bridezilla


Your Registry Totals More Than Most College Educations

Have you already started thinking about where you're going to store your new crystal? Who do you think is going to shell out for the silver -- or the china? What about the high-end digital camera or the top-of-the-line luggage? Unless your last name is Gates, and your daddy's first name is Bill, the only thing a registry filled with $100-plus items is going to get you is a bunch of congratulatory cards. Sure, your families will probably splurge on something nice, and close friends might want to drop a few Benjamins for the occasion, but the rest of your guests aren't looking to spoil you with high-tech gadgets and fine cutlery. If they do, great, but be sure to pepper your registry with a few less expensive items, like coffee makers, toasters and griddles, for the rest of us, OK?