10 Signs You're Turning into Bridezilla


You Don't Have Time for Anyone (or Anything) Else

Have you missed an inordinate amount of work since getting engaged? Are you too busy to console your best friend after an especially nasty breakup? If you're expecting your sister to postpone her planned C-section until after you get hitched, or you're thinking about telling your boss that you can't work Wednesdays and Fridays for the next six months because you have so much wedding planning to do, you're being a bridezilla.

It's time to face reality. Your wedding is important, sure, but so are your other relationships and responsibilities. Don't neglect everything else in your life or expect other people to drop everything they're doing just because you're going to say "I do." Head on back to work, and go visit your grieving girlfriend. You can deal with your pending nuptials later.