10 Popular Beauty Treatments for Brides


Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This new salon-only treatment is good news for brides with thick, unruly locks. Specially trained technicians infuse hair with a protein potion and then smooth it with a titanium flat iron set at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius). The look isn't meant to be pin-straight, but rather a refined version of your previous mane. The procedure is a bit pricey (about $300) and it isn't permanent, so you'll need to do some careful planning to get the look you want on your wedding day. It lasts about three to five months and, as with any new look, you won't want to try it out too close to your wedding day.

There are reports that questionable levels of formaldehyde fumes are released when heat is applied to the smoothing solution, so bypass this health problem by asking for a formaldehyde-free treatment such as Brazilian Blowout ZERO.