Beat the Bloat, Blah and Discoloration: 10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Pre-Wedding

Salad is great, but avoid raw onions and sodium-rich dressings.
Salad is great, but avoid raw onions and sodium-rich dressings.
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Onions are anti-inflammatory and fight bacteria and infection, and they're high in polyphenols, meaning onions could help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. Red onions are even believed to improve the memory because they contain flavonol quercetin, an antioxidant that benefits the brain.

However, even though onions are good for your health and lend salads, sandwiches and other foods a tasty kick, they can also leave you with an offensive odor and very bad breath. Avoid this potent vegetable two to three days before the wedding to ensure you walk down the aisle smelling like a rose -- with fresh breath in anticipation of your first blissful kiss as man and wife.

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