Beat the Bloat, Blah and Discoloration: 10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Pre-Wedding

At the very least, avoid starchy, sugary snacks.
At the very least, avoid starchy, sugary snacks.
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While it's unnecessary -- and unhealthy -- to obsess over every morsel of food you consume in the weeks leading up to your wedding, no one wants to be a bloated bride! It's important to know which foods and drinks could make or break the way you look and feel on the big day, and that includes the coveted mashed potato martini bar at the reception.

Since wedding day blahs are often a direct result of a bad mealtime decision, it's especially critical to watch what you eat during your final days as a bachelorette. So, as hard as it may be, resist another round of celebratory toasting with your maids, and avoid sugar until you cut the cake -- and lovingly smash it in your fiancé's face -- at the reception.

Make the right choices in your diet, and you're sure to arrive at the altar looking, feeling -- and dare we say, smelling? -- your absolute best. Here are 10 foods and drinks to avoid pre-wedding.