10 Classic Wedding Beauty Ideas


Stop Shining

You may be a blushing bride, but there's a good chance you'll end up being a glistening bride, too -- as in perspiring enough to outshine the light fixtures. You've dreamt about the fairytale dress, the handsome groom and the beautiful flowers. Being the center of attention can be wonderful and terrifying in equal measure, though. As if that wasn't enough, the bright lights, press of people and a heavy gown often conspire to make you glow -- OK, let's get real here -- you're gonna sweat. You can dab your wrists with cold water to feel more comfortable, but to deal with that shine, you'll need a lookout person to tell you when you need to apply some blotting paper or pressed mineral facial powder refresher. Keep the necessary supplies on hand in an emergency kit that contains other essentials like lip gloss.