10 Classic Wedding Beauty Ideas


Whiten Your Teeth

It used to be enough to have straight teeth, but these days, your pearly whites should actually be pearly white -- or whiter. There are many tooth whitening options on the market, but aside from scheduling a visit to the dentist for a professional treatment, most take a few weeks to work. The reliable do-it-yourself option is to use whitening strips six to eight weeks before your wedding and follow up with a whitening toothpaste and possibly a whitening mouth rinse to keep your teeth white.

If you haven't whitened your teeth before, you may want to read up on the process. Whitening can make your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold. It can also be ineffective or unpredictable when applied to porcelain veneers or tooth colored fillings. If you had veneers put in after a previous whitening regimen, you're probably OK. If the veneers were originally matched to slightly stained teeth, you may have a problem. Play it safe by asking your dentist for guidance.