10 Classic Wedding Beauty Ideas

Your biggest day is a time to shine! See more wedding gown pictures.

On your one, perfect day -- your wedding day -- you want to look better than you've ever looked before. Even with a big budget, plenty of planning and all your friends helping, pulling that off can be a tall order. Sometimes the very things you do to look great work against you in the end. The cleansing facial that's supposed to make your skin baby soft could cause unsightly blemishes or that new, sophisticated updo could end up emphasizing your slightly pointy (but totally endearing) ears or make your normal neck look sturdy instead of willowy. The beauty choices you make today are important. A false step could have you cringing when you look at your wedding photos later -- and that would be a shame.

Let's lift the veil on 10 classic wedding beauty ideas that 21st-century brides endorse wholeheartedly. You'll love your look and keep potential beauty blunders to a minimum.