10 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Bridal Accessories



A blue garter is a classic choice.
A blue garter is a classic choice.
Ashley Karyl/Getty Images

Wearing a blue garter is a subtle way to include your something-blue item in your wedding wardrobe. Hidden under your dress, the garter will be concealed during the ceremony, and guests will only get a peek when your groom goes for the garter toss.

Most brides wear two garters, one to keep and one to throw. Both can be blue, or you can wear one traditional one and one that's a little more fun. A friend of mine is a University of Georgia graduate, so you better believe she donned a red and black garter for her wedding! Of course, she wanted to keep with tradition, so she sewed a tiny blue bow onto it.

You'll find plenty of novelty garters to reflect your alma mater, love of motorcycles or even a favorite breed of dog. Since garters don't really serve a function these days (we've got pantyhose now), they're more for show. So, have a little fun with yours!