10 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Bridal Accessories



Diamond statement earrings stand out in pictures.
Diamond statement earrings stand out in pictures.
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Genuine gems and precious stones don't come cheap, especially when you're footing the bill to feed and entertain 200 guests! For that reason, earrings are the perfect something-borrowed piece to get from a friend or family member.

From diamond studs to drop-pearl earrings, luxury on loan from someone else's jewelry box (or even a professional jeweler) can be a wonderful way to style your look. But this doesn't have to be all about bling -- borrowing earrings that your best friend or mother wore in her own wedding is a way to include something very special and sentimental in your wedding wardrobe.

If you have sisters or a circle of close friends, passing around a beautiful pair of earrings for each girl to wear at her wedding is a fun tradition-in-the-making.