A Well-groomed Groom

Tooth Time

In Hollywood, everyone has teeth that are blindingly white and perfectly straight. My entirely uneducated guess is that approximately 0.005 percent of these celebs are born with such excellent grills. The others probably dropped a pretty penny to make their teeth worthy of red carpet events and magazine close-ups.

No one's saying that your hubby-to-be need undergo invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures. Instead, encourage him to treat his gums and teeth with care by visiting his dentist and following brushing and flossing instructions. He should also consider limiting or eliminating consumption of teeth-staining habits, like drinking coffee and tea and smoking cigarettes. Such advance care will have his teeth looking picture-perfect come wedding day! For a gleaming white smile, he can ask his dentist for outpatient whitening trays or even purchase over-the-counter brands if cost is an issue.

If he's always longed for straighter teeth and there's plenty of time until the wedding, encourage him to consult an orthodontist about braces. Many adults choose the invisible variety, which are ideal for professionals who don't want to draw attention to their under-construction smiles.

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