A Well-groomed Groom

Male Mane Management

Compared to the cost and effort of our upkeep, men's hair care needs are a walk in the park. Women have to deal with hair straighteners, smoothing serums, leave-in conditioners, blow dryers, curling irons and every other kind of torture advice you can imagine. Men, on the other hand, often have the option of simply running their fingers through their mane, although some do require mild styling to look presentable.

Encourage your man to have his hair cut a week or two in advance of the wedding. You'll want him to look like a proper groom, not a hungover frat boy. Never, ever schedule a haircut right before any big event, unless you won't mind if he shows up looking like Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber." A week or two in advance will give his hair the time to grow out and look fairly natural if hair disaster strikes. If necessary, make the appointment yourself to ensure that it actually happens. He might also need you to touch up the neck area with a razor a day or two before the wedding; stubble grows pretty quickly in that area.

Most men completely overlook unibrows. If your guy sports this unfortunate feature, take steps to tone it down prior to the nuptials. Whether by tweezing, applying over-the-counter hair removal products or even (eek!) waxing, your photos will benefit from this important manscaping detail. As with haircuts, do any hair removal a week or so in advance of the wedding so redness has time to fade.

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