A Well-groomed Groom

By: Alia Hoyt
Everyone will be looking at the bride, but you'll be looking at him!
Everyone will be looking at the bride, but you'll be looking at him!
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If your fiancé is anything like my husband, chances are good that he puts on an Oscar-worthy performance of despair anytime he has to get even remotely dressed up (read: can't wear flip-flops and wrinkled cargo shorts where he's going).

Since many men seem to be physically allergic to nice clothes, it can be a real challenge to have them looking their GQ best on the big wedding day. Ideally, the groom will put aside his grooming-related grievances long enough to look his best at the altar. If you're concerned that he'll cut corners or that he's just plain clueless when it comes to manscaping, read through this article with him. Perhaps he'll take our friendly suggestions to heart -- and maybe adopt a grooming ritual that he keeps up long after the vows. (Major emphasis on the "maybe," of course!)


Male Mane Management

Compared to the cost and effort of our upkeep, men's hair care needs are a walk in the park. Women have to deal with hair straighteners, smoothing serums, leave-in conditioners, blow dryers, curling irons and every other kind of torture advice you can imagine. Men, on the other hand, often have the option of simply running their fingers through their mane, although some do require mild styling to look presentable.

Encourage your man to have his hair cut a week or two in advance of the wedding. You'll want him to look like a proper groom, not a hungover frat boy. Never, ever schedule a haircut right before any big event, unless you won't mind if he shows up looking like Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber." A week or two in advance will give his hair the time to grow out and look fairly natural if hair disaster strikes. If necessary, make the appointment yourself to ensure that it actually happens. He might also need you to touch up the neck area with a razor a day or two before the wedding; stubble grows pretty quickly in that area.


Most men completely overlook unibrows. If your guy sports this unfortunate feature, take steps to tone it down prior to the nuptials. Whether by tweezing, applying over-the-counter hair removal products or even (eek!) waxing, your photos will benefit from this important manscaping detail. As with haircuts, do any hair removal a week or so in advance of the wedding so redness has time to fade.

A-plus Attire

He won't look truly polished unless his tux fits perfectly.
He won't look truly polished unless his tux fits perfectly.
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Ideally, the expert who fits your fiancé for his tux will do an excellent job and you'll have nothing to worry about in terms of fit and function. If it'll make you feel better, consider sending his mother or another trusted person along when he picks up his wedding day ensemble. Have him try it on in the store to make sure that everything fits, his hems fall in the right spot and that all of the essential accessories have been provided.

Typically, a standard tuxedo rental will come with the pants, shirt, jacket, cummerbund or vest, cuff links, tie and shoes. Be sure that he checks his inventory in advance! If there is a problem, he'll have time to sort it out with the store. So, as long as your groom has underwear and socks, he should be in good working order for the ceremony. Remind him kindly that underwear is not negotiable. It's just not kosher to go au natural in rental wear. The tux's future wearer will thank him.


Tooth Time

In Hollywood, everyone has teeth that are blindingly white and perfectly straight. My entirely uneducated guess is that approximately 0.005 percent of these celebs are born with such excellent grills. The others probably dropped a pretty penny to make their teeth worthy of red carpet events and magazine close-ups.

No one's saying that your hubby-to-be need undergo invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures. Instead, encourage him to treat his gums and teeth with care by visiting his dentist and following brushing and flossing instructions. He should also consider limiting or eliminating consumption of teeth-staining habits, like drinking coffee and tea and smoking cigarettes. Such advance care will have his teeth looking picture-perfect come wedding day! For a gleaming white smile, he can ask his dentist for outpatient whitening trays or even purchase over-the-counter brands if cost is an issue.


If he's always longed for straighter teeth and there's plenty of time until the wedding, encourage him to consult an orthodontist about braces. Many adults choose the invisible variety, which are ideal for professionals who don't want to draw attention to their under-construction smiles.

Manicure Mania

Nails need to look great for those close-ups of the rings.
Nails need to look great for those close-ups of the rings.

Fingernails can become pretty gnarly, particularly if your man works with his hands on a regular basis. Surprise him with a pre-wedding gift in the form of a couple's manicure and pedicure.

If he's never had the pleasure before, he'll probably be a little self-conscious at first. Once he dips those tootsies in the warm, bubbly water, he's likely to throw concerns about his manhood out the window and embrace the experience. Reassure him that nail grooming is essential to the prime health of those fingers and toes you love so much. You'll have done your good deed for the day, plus you can look forward to holding his significantly softer hands as he twirls you on the dance floor. It's a win-win situation, really!


Since you're at the spa anyway, see if he'd be down for a cleansing, rejuvenating facial. He'll probably go for it if you promise not to tell his friends …

Eliminate Odor

Body odor. B.O. The stink. No matter what you call it, smelliness on anyone -- even a handsome groom -- just isn't attractive. I'm guessing that if your fiancé has an odor issue, you'll know about it well in advance of the big event. If all of the deodorants, shower gels and colognes in the world don't make a dent in his scent, it's probably time to consult a professional.

A good dermatologist can recommend or prescribe products depending on the severity of the problem. Be sure to start the process several months in advance of the wedding to allow plenty of time to find a solution. Whatever you do, be sensitive during the process. Even the most masculine guy can be touchy regarding such a personal subject.


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