Flower Girl Fashion at Fabulous Prices

Get Crafty

I've heard tales of people out there who actually design and make their own clothes. Even if you're craftily challenged like I am, there's a good chance that someone in your inner circle of friends and family bears the skills to produce a simple, yet lovely flower girl dress. Sweeten the pot by insisting that this heartfelt service must take the place of a traditional wedding gift, no exceptions. Even if you don't know anyone firsthand, an experienced seamstress can often perform the feat for less than it would cost you to purchase a gown from store inventory.

Don't let this artistic foray end with the dress, however. Forego the pricey tiara in favor of a hand-woven headpiece of seasonal flowers. Amateur jewelry makers can even create unique accessories that she'll be sure to hold onto for years. Then, grab some patent leather and tiny buckles and fashion her shoes yourself. Just kidding! Unless you're descended from a long line of cobblers, hit the shoe store. There are some items that really should be left to the professionals.

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